Image requirement for Tee printing

Basically, you can use any design/ graphic software to make your print image. After your design is done, export to correct file format then we would use it to print your own tee. Following are the file format requirements:

1) File format
We accept Adobe Illustrator (Ai) format with Creative Cloud version. Image format in JPG or Tif format is also acceptable.

2) File resolution requirement
File in JPG or TIF format, need to be in actual size(1:1) with at least 150dpi.

3) Text in Illustrator file format
Convert all Text to Path in Adobe Illustrator (ai) or EPS format file.

4) File color mode
If using Adobe Photoshop to make JPG or TIF file, set the color mode to CMKY, as some of the color in RGB mode cannot be print out.

5) Printable size
For digital full color tee printing, the maximum print size is 27x40cm

6) Copyright issue
Client should own the copyright of the image or authorize to reprint it on the tee.

7) Position of print
position of print-01